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4 Steps To Choosing the Right Accessories For Your Bathroom

Choosing the Right Accessories For Your Bathroom - W.Atelier

A lot of time is spent in our bathrooms to prepare for the day and night, which makes the aesthetics of this room important. If you are planning to spruce up the look of your bathroom, there are plenty of ways to transform the overall decor of your space by looking for stylish designer bathroom accessories in Singapore. Even if you are working with a small space, this makes accessorising this room properly all the more important. Follow these four steps to help you choose the right accessories for your bathroom:

Start with the basics

These must-haves include your sink, mirror and faucets. Unless you are planning to change up the look of your walls, chances are you have to work with the existing style of your bathroom. As a backdrop, your walls already set the tone for the rest of your design. The colour, pattern and texture of your wall is something to keep in mind as you begin to build the rest of your bathroom design around it. Your essentials can either complement or contrast the existing colour scheme. These bigger features can also generally serve as the focal points of your interior scheme and instantly take your design to the next level. For example, having a mirror span across the wall will visually make your bathroom appear bigger.

Remember to leave space for storage

After deciding on the basics, always consider where you will be placing your toiletries at. Will it be the space under your sink? Or do you want a proper vanity cabinet to keep things tidy and organised? The most important thing is to ensure your bathroom looks neat and uncluttered. An unkempt bathroom space may otherwise be a distraction every time you enter this room, making it difficult to destress and relax. Thus, having space allocated for your toiletries will not only make life easier for you, but you will be one step closer to achieving your own bathroom heaven.

Lighting makes a huge difference

Often times lighting is overlooked when in fact, it plays an important aspect in setting the mood of your home. For starters, match your lighting with your interior decor. As your bathroom is a place where you will be starting and ending your day in, we recommend choosing warm lighting for this space as it is calming and not too harsh or glaring on the eye.
Besides deciding between warm and cool lighting, lights come in different fixture types such as accent, task and ambient lighting. To begin, have a ceiling-mounted fixture for ambient lighting. You can add task lighting around your vanity area for more convenient makeup application, for example. To create a calm atmosphere for a quiet evening ahead, you can also opt for dimmers, giving you the freedom to adjust the lighting based on your needs. Lighting can also make your focal points stand out, so take your time and have fun with it!

Bathroom Fittings: Not forgetting the smaller details

This is not a must for everybody but some homeowners like their interior design to look put-together. If you feel like it is still lacking a little something, you can use this opportunity to add some extra design elements for a cohesive look. Decorate with small knick-knacks like your soap dish, bathmat, towel hanger and even some potted plants to enhance the look of your bathroom fittings. As the saying goes, the smallest things make the biggest difference. These little additions can make an impact on the overall design.
Nothing sounds better than a refreshing shower after a long day of work. We hope you have found these steps useful! Besides attaining a visually inviting and relaxing surrounding, you can truly get the best out of the space you have with the right bathroom accessories. But if you are still unsure about the design you envision for your bathroom, get in touch with us.
With over 30 years of experience and carrying prominent brands, W. Atelier is the expert in providing friendly advice and top recommendations to suit any customer's style, be it classic, contemporary or minimalistic. Get inspired when you view from more than a dozen global brands for a variety of products that include bathroom suites, system kitchens, furniture, lighting, and accessories. Let us help you find the perfect accessories for your home today!

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