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Finding the perfect kitchen concept to match your unique lifestyle and distinctive preferences is no easy feat. That's why no two SieMatics are ever the same — much like the people who use it. So if individuality, beauty, versatility, and innovation define the kitchen of your dreams, then you've come to the right place.

SieMatic is an award-winning luxurious German kitchen brand founded in 1929 featuring innovative designs and boasting of a long history of excellence in timeless elegance and high-quality materials.

Designs that embody timeless elegance. Form that is in perfect harmony with function. A holistic approach to interior planning and styling. These are the defining qualities of the best designer kitchens that you can expect from SieMatic, an extensive range of which you can find at W. Atelier in Singapore. You can choose from three style principles that embody SieMatic's thematic selection: PURE, URBAN, and CLASSIC.

A world-leading German brand for custom-fitted cabinetry and kitchen innovation. SieMatic has dedicated itself to the pursuit of perfection and remains a beacon of creative German engineering, with products built under eco-friendly conditions.

  • 100% German-made, with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail
  • Producing kitchen for over 50 years
  • Used in kitchen luxury developments
  • Created S1, a handle-free kitchen that merged lighting and multimedia system into cabinetry
  • German Design Award Winner 2021 and other prestigious awards
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SieMatic Kitchen Image 4
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HIGHLIGHTS: MultiMatic Interior Accessories System

MultiMatic Interior Accessories System Image 1

MultiMatic Interior Accessories System Image 2

MultiMatic Interior Accessories System Image 3

MultiMatic Interior Accessories System Image 4

Introducing the MultiMatic Interior Accessories System by Siematic, a multi-awarded modular storage system that gives you unlimited possibilities for customizing your kitchen.

The aluminum elements are easily inserted into the hanging rails for a neater organization. Existing space is used cleverly to store tall objects such as bottles, pots, and chopping boards.

Additionally, the SieMatic GripDeck offers elegant protection against scratches and prevents cooking utensils from sliding. The Multifunction track is a patented SieMatic development that enables you to make the most of your kitchen space. You can save up to 30% on storage while relishing convenient access to your cookware.


The SieMatic Color System includes 8 timelessly elegant colours. Now, you can explore unlimited possibilities with SieMatic by choosing your preferred colours and materials that will highlight the character of your kitchen design. A combination of the different kitchen lines/materials within one kitchen is therefore possible. The ColorSystem is available for all price categories.


There are several choices of materials available to achieve your dream kitchen look such as Laminate, SmartLaque, Metallic-Laminate, SQ-Lacquer and many more materials. 

For example, SieMatic laminate kitchen worktop is hard-wearing, scratch and heat-resistant, therefore it is durable and easy to care. It's attractively priced and suits any kitchen style from contemporary to classic. If you would like more information about Siematic's choice of material, visit our showroom and our kitchen expert will assist you further.

Choice of Materials & Door styles:

  • Laminate: attractively priced, hard-wearing, durable, easy to care
  • SmartLaque: decorative surface is made of lacquer / Laminate direct coated with arcyl varnish / inexpensive alternative to SQ-lacquer / only inexpesive high gloss surface finish, AntiPrint properties for velvet-matt
  • SimiLaque samtmatt (“Similar to lacquer”): Attractively priced / inexpensive alternative to SQ-lacquer, highest resistance /abrasion resistant / surface properties are also suitable as countertop / AntiPrint properties for velvet-matt
  • Metallic-Laminate: HPL laminate on both sides with a fine layer of real aluminum and protective coating with brushed texture. / Quality and care properties are comparable to high-gloss surfaces such as SimiLaque/ SmartLaque high gloss
  • SQ-Lacquer (SQ = Superior Quality): individually and handcrafted in several working steps, AntiPrint properties for velvet-matt
  • Veneer: each veneer is primed by hand and manually glazed in matching color, sealed against occurring dirt, veneers from certified sources, veneer processing (USP)
  • Aluminum: Real aluminum front panels, handcrafted finish, high quality design between glossy frame and matt centre panel, Unique selling points
  • Ceramic: Construction is a unique selling proposition, easy to clean, despite the construction still relatively "light" (e.g. compared to stainless steel doors), decor processing (USP)

Siematic Kitchen Videos

How much will a designer kitchen cost?

Installing a new kitchen is a dream for homeowners and can be a hefty investment. Prices may differ, but with Siematic's variety of high-quality kitchens that suit every taste, budget, and space, designer kitchens are worth every cent that will last for years to come. At the end of the day, it’s about quality and creativity. You can never put a price tag on top-quality materials and functionality.

Building a kitchen — with timeless pieces made for you

If you are in the market for a new kitchen, SieMatic can help you find what fits your needs, ensuring that your money goes a long way toward making your dream kitchen a reality. We carefully consider every detail to create a harmonious space you will love.

You deserve a kitchen that reflects who you are. Explore the possibilities and make every detail and element count with Siematic. Visit W Atelier today and see which style suits you best!