Miton has a long-standing heritage of Italian-designed kitchen products. In the early 1960s, Giuseppe Arangiaro embarked on an endeavour to export his creations as the Made in Italy items ensured credibility, and success followed. Within the short span of a few years, Miton became one of the largest exporters of modular kitchens, such that its exports attracted the attention of an American multinational company. The need for quality never changes, as trends so often do. Now managed by Antonio, Giuseppe’s grandson, the company still retains its foresight and awareness of creativity and reliability. With its focus on its quality policy, services and products are tailored for the needs of consumers, which allows the company to have a high customer satisfaction rate.

History of Miton Kitchen

The Cubo Design group loves challenges and proposes a new collection full of news and important details. The leitmotiv is the concept of opening, like a spatial invasion in different areas of the kitchen, which generates infinite spaces and deprives its real confines. A rich platform with over 350 finishes for the fronts, 120 for the worktop, guarantees an offer able to meet the different aesthetic and functional requirements that the market is advancing. An Italian excellence passed down through generations with an eye to the future. Thus the adventure continues with the opening of a new production center, which perfectly integrates the processes of Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, energy efficiency and green approach. The result of this vision is a futuristic production pole, in which the workflows have been redesigned through digital automation, with a view to maximum efficiency. The energy that drives businesses and people is produced autonomously and re-employed in a virtuous circle. Everything is designed with respect for the planet. Every effort is made to give a better present to future generations.

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