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Miton is a reputable designer of kitchen products. In the early 60s, founder Giuseppe Arangiaro realised that made-in-Italy items guaranteed success — which started him on his journey of exporting his original designs and making a name for himself. In just a few years, he was one of the leading exporters of modular kitchens. It didn't take long before Giuseppe’s exports caught the attention of an American multinational corporation since his products met their high quality expectations. For over several decades since then, Miton has remained committed to quality, which is apparent in its service and product offerings, and is now under the guidance of Giuseppe's grandson, Antonio. Miton has retained its knack for combining creativity and reliability and has also made products customisable to suit different tastes and styles. As a result, Miton has maintained their high customer satisfaction rating.

History of Miton Kitchen

The year 2006 marked the beginning of Cubo Design's journey: a manufacturing centre for kitchens and furniture located in Abruzzo. The company has worked closely with various brands, including Miton. Italian craftsmanship is passed down through generations with an eye toward the future. As such, the opening of their new modern production plant integrates the processes of Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, energy efficiency, and a green approach. This visionary effort results from efficient workflows created by digital automation - everything carefully thought out to leave the best possible legacy for future generations.

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