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Since its founding in 1958, Binova has been at the forefront of innovation in the Italian Kitchen market. A vital aspect of this success is how Binova intertwines luxurious aesthetic appeal with ergonomic design considerations. This commitment can be seen through products such as their signature range, which combines artistry and elegance with cutting-edge technology. They continue to create new combinations and design patents; their in-house Research and Development department provides meticulous quality control over all stages of production. As a result, quality and consistency are guaranteed in every final product. These beautiful kitchens would never have come to life if not for the authentic craftsmanship of skilled artisans who understand what it means to deliver precision down to the last detail.

History of Binova Kitchen

Binova's beginnings date back to 1958, when two brothers, Giovanni and Francesco Bolletta, became fascinated by carpentry. As they learned the craft and became passionate about it, they created Binova - an Umbrian company that has since become renowned for using fine-quality wood. With its commitment to producing kitchens, Binova constantly updates its product line with various materials and designs using technological advances from its in-house research and development centre. Through years of meticulous research, Binova has perfected its craft in every aspect. From choosing the suitable materials and intricately crafting each piece to ensuring it all fits together seamlessly. As experts in this field, prestigious architects and designers trust Binova to provide them with beautiful designs that come from their commitment to quality materials and manufacturing standards. The Binova team collaborates closely with professionals so their visions can become a reality while maintaining an elegant yet efficient style.

Binova Milestones

1973 / CENTRAL BLOCK  Design Barzotti T.

1985 / OPERA  Design Castiglia Associati

1993 / PRIMA
Selected in 2011 By Abitare magazine: “The long river of the Italian design 1961-2011”. Design Paolo Nava

1994 / HWRS
Binova patents the flushed built-in Design Paolo Nava

2001 / REGULA
Selected for the Compasso d’Oro Adi 2001 and by I.Dot for the
(Italian design on tour). Design Paolo Nava and Fabio Casiraghi

Selected for the Compasso d’Oro Adi 2002
Design Paolo Nava and Fabio Casiraghi

Selected for the Compasso d’Oro Adi 2003
Design Paolo Nava and Fabio Casiraghi

2003 / 2004 / FIRES LINE
Selected for the Compasso d’Oro Adi 2003 and 2004
Design Paolo Nava and Fabio Casiraghi

Selected for the “Wallpaper Design Awards 2011”
Design Paolo Nava and Fabio Casiraghi

Binova Kitchen Videos