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Designer Bathroom Accessories and Fittings

Designer Bathroom Accessories and Fittings Banner - W. Atelier

Designer bathroom accessories and fittings can elevate the look of your home. As one of the most used rooms in your home, whether it is to get ready for the morning or wind down for bed, you may start to face problems with your appliances after some time. Flushing issues, leaks and shaky toilet seat are just some of the more common problems faced by homeowners in Singapore.

The Bathroom Accessories to Consider For Your Home

Besides shopping for your replacement, you can also upgrade this space with designer bathroom accessories. To help you out, we have rounded up some ingenious examples of bathroom accessories in Singapore that you can consider having in your own home.

Towel Bar

Bathroom Accessories - Towel Bar - W. Atelier

Did you know that a damp towel can become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria when it stays wet? In fact, if there always seem to be an unpleasant odour coming from your towel, that smell is a sign of bacteria growth. This is why a towel bar will be a practical addition to your bathroom, allowing your towel to properly dry. You now have a dedicated area for your towel instead of hanging it on your door handle or even leaving it on the floor. It is a good idea if you have a lot of wall space near your shower area.

Hand Towel Bar

Bathroom Accessories - Hand Towel Bar - W. Atelier

But if you have limited wall space, you can opt for a smaller towel bar instead. As these are usually designed for hand towels, they are best used when they are installed beside your sink. That way, you won’t drip water on the floor as your towel is within reach to dry your hands.

Robe Hook

Bathroom Accessories - Robe Hook - W. Atelier

Apart from towel bars, a robe hook will also do wonders to your bathroom decor by taking its luxury to the next level. Depending on the wall space you are working with, you can also consider installing this bathroom accessory at the back of your door, ultimately making your bathroom look more organised.

Towel Shelf

Bathroom Accessories - Towel Shelf - W. Atelier

Elevating the look of your bathroom, these shelves are as much about the aesthetics as they are for their practicality. Towel shelves are, in fact, becoming increasingly popular in bathroom interiors as they provide extra storage while adding visual appeal to any space.

Travel Washlet

Bathroom Accessories - Travel Washlet - W. Atelier

Beyond your bathroom comfort, this is one of the bathroom accessories that you can also bring along with you wherever you go. A travel washlet is ultimately a portable solution to help its users maintain cleanliness, especially for those who worry about the hygiene of outside bathrooms. You just need to pre-fill it with water and to use, you can switch on its spraying function with a click of a button. Beyond daily use, it is also particularly useful for people who travel or camp often.

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Interested in any of these handy designer bathroom accessories and fittings? Start equipping your bathroom space to make the most out of the space you have and enjoy maximum convenience. With over 30 years of experience and carrying prominent brands, W. Atelier is the expert in providing friendly advice and top recommendations to suit any customer’s style, be it classic, contemporary or minimalistic.

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