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Which Bathroom Fittings is Right for Me?

Which Bathroom Fittings is Right for Me - W. Atelier

“Okay, I need to look for a good sink tap, toilet bowl and what else? Ah maybe a shower-head as well,” You recite to yourself, repeating this to-do list over and over in your head. That’s it, you got all the bathroom fittings all covered. Feeling a little apprehensive, you still make your way to the store. But when you finally step in, now you know you had a reason to worry.

You have come unprepared. Not only do the sink taps look somewhat similar to each other, but you are unsure which will be most compatible with your home. This is the struggle that every homeowner goes through when they are choosing their bathroom fittings in Singapore.

The Different Types of Bathroom Fittings For Your House

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom or install new bathroom accessories, there is a multitude of things to consider before you can find the perfect one for your space. Do you have sufficient water pressure to meet the requirements of your fixtures? Chrome, stainless steel or gold, which finish will match the design of your bathroom? Before you get into the details, take a look at some of the different bathroom fitting types for taps and shower-heads.

One Tap-Hole Sink

Bathroom Fittings - One Tap-Hole Sink - W. Atelier

Designed for one tap-hole sink, this type of taps is the basic go-to option. Simple and easy to use, they are a great choice for smaller bathrooms.

Two-Hole/Three-Hole Basin Mixer Taps

Bathroom Fittings - Two-Hole/Three-Hole Basin Mixer Taps - W. Atelier

Besides single-hole basin mixer taps, they also come in two-hole and three-hole styles. With the additional controls, they come with hot/cold functions for you to adjust to your liking. To incorporate this type of taps, do ensure your existing or new sink has two or three tap holes.

Mounted Taps

Bathroom Fittings - Mounted Taps - W. Atelier

If you do not want to be limited to the sink space you have, wall mounted taps will give you that freedom. With its modern look, you just need to consider which part of the wall to place it at where water will not splash everywhere when in use.

Handheld Shower-Heads

Bathroom Fittings - Handheld Shower-Heads - W. Atelier

Handheld shower-heads offer flexibility, allowing you to rinse all parts of your body as you wish. As compared to fixed shower-heads, the handheld option is incredibly useful for families with young children or pets.

Fixed Shower-Heads

Bathroom Fittings - Fixed Shower-Heads - W. Atelier

There are also fixed shower-head options and like the rain shower-head featured here, it will enhance the look of your bathroom. With its touch of luxury, you can enjoy a consistent spray of water above you, almost like a rainfall.

Choose your Bathroom Fittings Wisely

To view more designs and functions, check out our products. Shopping for modern bathroom fixtures in Singapore is not as straightforward as you think, but at least you are now more informed on the different bathroom fittings available to make a better choice. So when you do make your way to the store, you will be more confident in your decisions because you know exactly what you are looking for. And with the help from a reliable and knowledgeable furniture store, get the well-deserved shower comfort you deserve in no time!

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