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Trending Luxury Home Design Ideas in Singapore

Trending Luxury Home Design Ideas in Singapore

W. Atelier—Trusted Source for Luxury Furniture and Home Design Ideas in Singapore

Sometimes, seeing ideas on screen is not enough. If you want to see furniture without the blue light, feel textures, and size things up sans VR, nothing beats a showroom. W. Atelier is Singapore’s purveyor of luxury furnishings, starting out as the exclusive distributor of hotels and resorts-favorite brand TOTO of Japan since 1979.

To this day, W. Atelier continues to bring in innovative products from luxury brands and iconic names in the world of design and furniture. The company has gained sole distributorship for The Republic of Fritz Hansen in 2014, Lema in 2015, Vitra in 2018, and Cassina in 2020, plus other names synonymous with luxury designer furniture throughout the decades.

W. Atelier has exclusive showrooms for Lema and Fritz Hansen at Tan Boon Liat Building at Outram Road that you can visit. You can find other designer furniture brands in Singapore at their main showroom along Henderson Road.

W. Atelier also has a website where you can shop for furniture in Singapore. It’s a good place to browse a range of unique and iconic furniture fit for any luxury home. And maybe even score a discounted piece or two. With a warehouse right in the country, it’s possible to turn your luxury home ideas into reality fairly quickly (processing for shipping can be done in as fast as 5 to 7 days)*.
*without backorder, not applicable during sales or peak periods

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These days, simply owning designer furniture in Singapore is not enough to achieve a luxury home design. Times are changing and along with it, how people live and how they behave inside the home. Consequently, these change everything, from the layout of the house to the very furniture we pick out.

In the city, space is of the utmost consideration, which doesn’t mean that every nook and cranny has to be filled with just any furniture or as much decor as possible. In Singapore, popular home designs are leaning towards modern and contemporary. But of course, there’s always room for a bit of playfulness and a touch of classic vibe.

Read on and see for yourself the trending luxury room design ideas below and how to recreate them in your own abode.

Refined Lounging

In the living room, the pièce de résistance is a must. And although that hasn’t changed, trending luxury home design dictates that this piece of furniture should be more than just a talking point but actually be a space for conversation. Gone are the days when the living room resembles a museum with furniture meant only for display.

To give you that balance of art and function in your living space, look towards the Italian brand Cassina. Founded in 1927, Cassina pioneered in combining traditional craftsmanship and technological skill. The luxury furniture company delivers contemporary pieces that spark interesting discussions but at the same time encourage leisurely lounging.

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Outdoor Whimsy

When it comes to outdoor furniture, you might be thinking of durability, something that can withstand the elements. And that’s a logical point but that doesn’t mean you can’t show a hint of humor or a dash of playfulness on your patio or your deck. Durable doesn’t have to be equally rigid, your outdoor space can have whimsy shapes or colors to liven it up.

What better way to update a balcony or a terrace but with a furniture brand that has pieces at the MoMA and Tate Modern? Vitra never fails when it comes to innovative concepts, delivering functional pieces with cheery subtleties. The Swiss brand teeters between form and color, never overdoing one over the other.

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Stately Suites

Bedrooms are a bit tricky, it needs to be comfortable and cozy but not to the point of being cluttered. At the same time, one must not fall into a singularity that is common among bedroom furniture in Singapore. There’s a fine line between being too matchy-matchy and too kitschy with your bed and wardrobe. The trend in bedroom and wardrobe design is harmonious and inviting.

Lema has been delivering a fine range of furniture since the 70s. In Italy, it was the first manufacturer of bespoke and made-to-measure wardrobes. Lema continues to produce expertly-made bedroom furniture with designs that are timeless, subtly stunning, modern yet vintage-feeling, and more.

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Understated Dining

Opulent dining tables are a thing of the past. It’s time to trade your outdated console for unassuming furniture, those that don’t take away the highlight of the dining room—the food. Be wary of trendy seating that’s big on art yet hard on one’s bottom. Comfort must not be sacrificed for the sake of design. Yet, seats must not be too simple that they are detached from the table and the rest of the room.

Fritz Hansen is the fitting furniture for form and function; timeless, handsome tables to award-winning chairs, you can’t go wrong with the Danish furniture brand. You’ll be able to find contemporary, classic, and also iconic pieces from Fritz Hansen that will suit the dining area.

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Trending Designs, Timeless Furniture

Truly, luxury designs are ever-changing but that’s part of the beauty of your home—it grows with you, it changes as you do, and can adapt to time. However, just because designs change doesn’t mean you have to let go of every little part of your home. This is where timeless furniture comes in.

The best luxury designer furniture in Singapore does not age in the sense that it becomes outdated. But rather, it becomes an icon. It’s a living piece that can complement a modern theme or stand out as a centerpiece in a rustic motif.

Furnish your home with pieces from luxury furniture manufacturers that not only stood the test of time but actually contributed to or have defined the design eras. Remember that trending home designs always change but a piece of iconic furniture is everlasting.

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