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5 Home Design Trends for 2022

Home Design Trends for 2022

It’s a new year and with that comes change. This 2022, you can expect a refreshing take on home design trends as people continue to spend a majority of their time inside the house. Buying furniture turns into an even more meticulous task as pieces are now required to take on more than one purpose. For example, in Singapore, a dining table should be able to double as a work or study space. Read on to see the exciting home design trends for 2022!

1. Creative WFH Solutions

Although more and more offices are slowly welcoming back their employees, chances are it still isn’t a permanent setup. According to global business intelligence provider, Euromonitor International, the hybrid work model is here to stay.

This 2022, it’s not about creating a permanent home office but rather coming up with creative WFH solutions. It’s time to trade ambience lights in the living area for bright lamps that are more conducive to productivity. You can also use a console table or side table as an extension of your work desk.

Why not use dining chairs from the Italian brand Cassina as your official work chair? In Singapore, it’s also possible to find trendy yet comfortable rolling chairs that can fit an office setup and also your home—check out Swiss brand Vitra.

2. Pieces of You

Bold furniture and statement pieces become even more relevant this year. Being surrounded by generic stools and consoles is not the way to go but rather it’s all about making your personality shine through. A touch of whimsy here and there can perk up a space, it also helps if the pieces are functional too. Think, of a clock with a playful face of an owl or a table in the dainty shape of a flower.

If you are looking for functional yet fanciful pieces Vitra is a good place to start. This furniture company, after all, has created products and furnished prominent spaces such as New York’s Museum of Modern Art and London’s Tate Modern. You’ll be delighted by the amazing range of concepts and designs from Vitra.

3. Pet-Friendly Furnishings

The Pandemic Pet Boom is very much a real thing, with millions of households taking in a dog or cat into their lives due to loneliness during lockdowns. With the addition of a furry pal, people are now looking for pet-friendly furnishings. The home design trend of 2022 answers a need for beds and couches that are accessible to, and also comfortable for, pets. At the same time, these furniture pieces need to be easy to clean for the sake of homeowners.

Modular seating is an excellent option for families and homes with pets. It’s also a huge perk if you can have a say on the upholstery finish of the sofa you are planning to purchase. One such furniture provider you can count on for modular sofas is Cassina. This Italian company is also able to offer different finishes to their pieces, including leather, which is ideal for pets as they are durable and easy to clean.

4. Breathing Space

Being cooped up is an all-too-familiar feeling a lot of people have experienced during the pandemic. That’s why this year, it’s all about finding your breathing space. For those lucky enough to have a balcony, it’s time to update your outdoor furniture. Why not add a small dining table where you can enjoy a cup of coffee before starting the day? You can also add a patio set to unwind after work. Opt for furniture made of hardy material that can withstand the elements, such as teak.

If you can’t make use of the outdoors, it’s crucial that you still have a private space indoors. It can be as simple as the space under the stairs or a corner of your room where you can place a cosy chair (check out Cassina’s Feltri or Wink for some inspiration).

5. Hometainment

With restrictions in place and anxiety on safety on the rise, hometainment will continue to be a trend in 2022. Hometainment is not the same as nesting or cocooning, it’s recreating the experiences people have when going out, but in the safety of their own houses.

A few modifications can transform your modest dining room into a space that will make you feel like you are in a trendy CHIJMES restaurant. It can be as straightforward as using Cassina porcelain plates to serve food or trading your plain table for a modern Lema piece.

It’s also possible to replicate the ambience of a drinking lounge. Your cosy nook can rival chic establishments with just a few retouches, such as adding Vitra’s Panton Chair for accent, changing light fixtures, or displaying your hidden wine bottles on a bar cart.

Where to Get Home Design Trends Furniture in Singapore

It’s not hard to find designer furniture in Singapore that will fit the home design trends of 2022 as long as you know where to look. W. Atelier is the sole distributor of designer furniture brands Cassina, Lema, and Vitra in the country. As a purveyor of luxury furnishings in Singapore, W. Atelier also carries other designer home and lifestyle brands, including the likes of Japan’s Toto to Germany’s SieMatic.

Whether you want ideas for your space or are ready to fix up your place, you can visit W. Atelier’s Main Showroom on Henderson Road, Singapore. If you are keen on viewing Vitra’s amazing pieces, a separate Vitra Showroom is on Outram Road. You can find amazing furniture finds from Vitra, Cassina, and Lema as well as other designer brands on W. Atelier’s website.

Trends Arising Over Tribulations

The home design trends of 2022 are definitely an effect of all that has happened since the pandemic started. These trends are born out of a need to survive and to create a liveable place where one can thrive. Just remember that these are more of the commonalities of most homeowners but that doesn’t mean it’s something you have to follow. If it is something you can relate to or share the same dilemmas with, then these trends might just be for you.