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TOTO – Rimless Designs

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TOTO Rimless Toilets for Effortless Cleanliness

The rimless design of TOTO toilets is a revolutionary design feature that has become a mainstay on many of TOTO toilets for easy hygiene.

21 January 2016, Singapore – W. Atelier is proud to be the official distributor of the super stylish, exceedingly luxurious and ultra clean range of TOTO toilets with a peerless rimless design. Outfitted with a trio of technologies that are the fruit of decades of research and development, the TOTO rimless toilets are the embodiment of intelligent hygiene. Paired together with TOTO’s global bestselling Washlet, these toilets are have been a real royal flush for consumers who prioritise comfort and hygiene in their toilets above everything else.

“A clean toilet is a real pleasure to experience, and TOTO’s toilets are unsurpassed in both cleanliness and comfort. The elegant rimless feature of TOTO toilets, a marvelously simple piece of design technology, has really elevated their toilets above others in terms of hygiene,” says Mr Gani Atmadiredja, Managing Director of W. Atelier. “At the end of the day, the washroom is the safe haven to which we retreat to after a hectic work day and where we prepare ourselves first thing in the morning for the busy day ahead. It therefore stands to reason that we want the very best toilet experiences – and frankly, nothing comes close to the overall TOTO bathroom experience.”

Many models of TOTO’s toilets are rimless because of how much this simple design feature helps in maintaining high standards of cleanliness. The rimless feature of TOTO’s toilets has become increasingly effective at maintaining cleanliness over the years with continual improvements through research and development. By eliminating the rim, there are no longer hard-to-reach crevices for germs to lurk in, hence also making it easier to clean thoroughly.

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Two other pieces of uniquely TOTO technologies – the Tornado Flush and CeFiONTect – work together with the neat rimless design to ensure that TOTO toilets will always be among the cleanest toilets, wherever they are used. The Tornado Flush is essentially a unique flush comprising three jets of water shot out a high pressure to create a vortex where dirt from the bowl’s surface is efficiently removed. Water from the special flush covers the entire bowl so that all the dirt will be removed, and all this is achieved quietly and without water splashing out – like other regular toilets are wont to. The last element that helps ensure the hygiene of the TOTO rimless toilet is CeFiONTect, a special ceramic glaze that TOTO bowls are coated with to make them extra smooth so as to prevention germs from getting trapped in microscopic ridges on the bowl.

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Together, these technologies help reduce the need for chemical cleaners to clean the toilet, thus making the use of these toilets friendlier to the environment too. Several of TOTO’s toilets are designed to be rimless, outfitted with the Tornado Flush and carefully fired with the CeFiONTect glaze for maximum cleansing power – including models from TOTO’s most renowned suite collections such as the Neorest, Renesse, Willow and Basic + lines. Other standalone TOTO toilet models, whether they are one-piece, close-coupled, or wall hung, are rimless too.