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Small Bathroom Ideas Fitting For Your Luxe Condo

Small Bathroom Ideas Fitting For Your Luxe Condo

Many people nowadays live in condominiums and apartments with small bath spaces. If you're lucky, you might have two bathrooms and win the condo-hunting jackpot. However, small spaces can still make things difficult, regardless of quantity. Since your unit space is limited, it may seem complicated to fit in all the things necessary for living within the parameters of your home.

Beautify With Limited Space

A small bathroom is always a challenge, but you can transform yours into the most luxurious one in your condo by using every inch of available space to its fullest potential. This doesn't mean you have to sacrifice function or style, though. Instead, the key is making the area more extensive with strategic design and the right decor choices.

No matter the size of your home, several “small bathroom ideas” can help you make the most out of your space. From mirrors and vanities to toilets and showerheads, there's a lot you can do to transform it into something beautiful and functional.

With a few tips and tricks, anyone can create their own luxurious bathroom. Here are some easy-to-follow steps to beautify your tiny space with just the right amount of luxury.


Baseboards are the perfect way to add character and style to your small bathroom. They'll also help you protect your walls from scrapes or scuffs. You can think about painting the baseboards in one of your favourite colours for a personalised touch or go with a sleek white that compliments any decor.

Baseboards can also add depth to your small space by drawing attention to the floor below. The same goes for crown moulding, which is an excellent choice if you want something out of the ordinary. But, of course, there's no rule against using both!


Consider installing shelves if you're looking for storage solutions for your small but luxurious bathroom. They'll offer versatility and make it easy for you to hide anything that doesn't fit in the cabinet or outside the bathroom. Of course, the best place for them is above the toilet, but you can also place one on either side of the bathroom. It will create plenty of storage without taking up any floor space.

A Combination Towel Shelf and Towel Bar from TOTO would be perfect for toilet paper and other necessities and is an elegant way to store your bathroom needs. Another notable option is TOTO's EGO II Glass Shelf, which attaches to the wall and offers enough room for towels, bathrobes, soaps, and more! These glass shelves also look stunning when installed with an LED light to make these spaces feel as warm as they are aesthetically pleasing. With these options installed into your condo's small bathroom space, there won't be any reason not to have a truly luxe experience.

Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers are built so you can enter from either side of the enclosure, so there's no need to step over a fixed threshold. If you're lucky enough to have an extra-long shower space, a little walk-in shower can be installed and fitted with an adjustable bench.

Pair your lavish shower with the best-fitting showerhead like TOTO's Single Lever Bath and Shower Set, which allows you to choose between a relaxing bath or a quick shower without any fuss. The single lever makes it easy to switch back and forth as needed and is perfect for your small bathroom space since they take up less room than two separate handles.

Console Sink

A console sink is an excellent option for bathrooms with limited space. The modern style looks chic and is easy to clean. Plus, the smaller size means you can save on water and energy. A console sink will also help you keep your bathroom clutter-free. TOTO's L4706E Console Lavatory is an excellent choice as it offers both style and functionality in a compact design. With its sleek look, ceramic material, and easy-to-clean surfaces, this lavatory will surely satisfy any homeowner!

Another piece worth mentioning is TOTO's L4704E Console Lavatory, with its natural round shape and ultra-thin frame. It also uses CEFIONTECT technology, which brings an ion barrier to the glaze for a clean lavatory. These sinks will also look great against a crisp white wall for a clean, fresh look.

Lighting Options

Elegant lighting is vital in any small bathroom. When you need extra light, a simple wall sconce will provide just enough illumination without taking up much space. It's also a great way to highlight your favourite painting or piece of artwork! If you want more indirect light, ceiling fixtures are an excellent alternative. You can also try installing subtle track lighting under the mirror for when you do your make-up or brush your teeth in the morning.

The Right Toilet

If you want the perfect toilet for your bathroom, consider getting a wall-hung toilet. This type of toilet is mounted on a rail that can be installed on the walls and will require less floor space. Wall-hung toilets are perfect for small bathrooms since they are compact and come in different designs. In addition, toilets from TOTO are equipped with advanced technologies, which is definitely a plus!

For example, look at TOTO's CW553A Wall Hung Toilet Bowl, equipped with a tornado flush feature and CEFIONTECT technology that ensures a super smooth ion glazing for easy cleaning and keeps the surface free from dirt, limescale, and bacteria. It also has an ergonomic seat and a rimless design for ultimate hygiene.

Another notable wall-hung piece is TOTO's CW812RJT2LE MUSE Wall Hung Toilet Bowl With Invisible Fixing Kit. It features an elongated bowl, has no visible fixtures when installed and provides a powerful Tornado Flush System.

Potted Plants

A simple way to make your condo feel more like home is with potted plants. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colours and can be placed anywhere in your home - even in the bathroom! There are a variety of plants that have low-maintenance requirements, so you don't need to worry about watering them often. They also provide soothing scents and natural beauty.

Potted plants also help purify the air from toxins by removing formaldehyde found in paints, varnishes, carpets, insulation materials, and some clothing fabrics. These can provide you with not only a relaxing atmosphere, but also health benefits!

Compact Accessories From TOTO

Having a small bathroom doesn't mean sacrificing luxury for functionality. On the contrary, with a little planning and creative design decisions, it is possible to create a luxurious oasis in even the smallest spaces — thanks to TOTO's unique suite of compact products.

TOTO has been designing products for over a half-century. From high-tech sinks to bidets, they have committed to developing technology and creating unique comfort where you need it most, your home!

Whether you are looking for a modern faucet or a high-tech toilet that requires less water pressure, we've got you covered! Visit us at W Atelier's main showroom on Henderson Road or browse through our TOTO products page to find out more about our premium selection of products today.