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Contemporary Modern and Space-Efficient Condo Living

Contemporary Modern and Space-Efficient Condo Living

Modern condos offer a space for contemporary living on the cutting edge of style and design. But, like many things in life, when it comes to balancing between style, function, and space — where do you find the sweet spot? Can a condo be spacious, modern, and sleek without limiting your life in any way? The answer is an absolute yes!

Furnishing a condo can be challenging because current furniture pieces often don’t provide the storage and functionality you need. It’s an opportunity to use your creativity and individuality to express yourself through your living area. With that in mind, we want to help you furnish quality contemporary furniture that allows you to live comfortably without sacrificing any style points.

There are many pieces of modern furniture in Singapore that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional without sacrificing style. By carefully selecting such pieces, you can create both the look and function of the room you want. Modern contemporary means your furniture is sleek, streamlined, and features clean lines. It’s not about having a lot of items, but about having a few key pieces that can serve multiple purposes.

Modern VS Contemporary

Modern emphasizes wood and other earthy materials. It puts a considerable emphasis on functionality and clean lines and makes a space feel much more open. Contemporary design refers to the aesthetics we see now and will see in the future. It can be distinguished by cool hues and cutting-edge shapes and is considered minimalist. In a contemporary space, you'll find a mixture of polished woods, sleek metals, and natural fibers.

There are many considerations to keep in mind when furnishing your modern condo, especially if you’re trying to make the most of limited space and hard surfaces. Here are tips to help you decorate your condo with style and practicality.

The Right Sofa

Modern living spaces need modern furniture. The right sofa can make or break your entire flat, so choose it wisely. Modern contemporary sofas often feature clean lines and no-frills silhouettes, so you should avoid anything that looks too traditional or ornate. If you have a large living room, consider going for two smaller pieces rather than one big piece; they will help define separate areas of your home while also adding visual interest.

Modern couches often feature clean lines and no-frills silhouettes, which means you should avoid anything that looks too traditional or ornate. Lema's Cloud modular sofas offer several different configurations, allowing you to create a variety of arrangements that suit your needs. It is crafted from quality materials and is available in different colors and textures to look great in any modern setting.

Choosing the Best Coffee Table

When furnishing your condo, it’s vital to choose furniture that maximizes your space. The coffee table is arguably one of, if not the most essential, piece of furniture in any living room. For those who live in relatively smaller condo spaces, choose tables with storage so that your living room looks open and spacious. Lema's Mansion square coffee table is a great example of an elegant piece with plenty of space to use. It has a tray for magazines, books, or remote controls while also having a metal base for displaying decorations like candles. Additionally, its design complements contemporary home styles.

Get The Most Out Of Storage

Storage space is at a premium in condos, and here are tips for maximizing your options. First, make sure you’re storing items that you often use in drawers or cabinets so they will be easily accessible.

Second, consider adding shelving units to increase your vertical storage capacity. Shelves create an extra layer of storage that allows you to store bulky items like pillows, blankets, and towels.

Third, consider other storage options like a sideboard or console table. These can serve as both functional furniture and extra storage space. The LT40 sideboard by Lema wooden furniture looks sleek and modern but also has ample room for storing items and multimedia equipment. It has a LED lighting system integrated into its design, which makes it ideal for setting up in a living room or bedroom.

Finally, remember that every little bit helps when it comes to condo living—you might not be able to fit all of your belongings into your home, but there are plenty of ways to maximize what you do have.

Making The Bedroom

One of these main spaces in your condo is the bedroom. It is where you sleep, rest, relax, watch TV or read a book. Make sure your bedroom feels cozy while at the same time functional. The Lema's Victoriano bedframe, for example, is an excellent choice as it provides the modernity you need without taking up too much room. It comes with a headboard panel, so there's no need for a separate headboard. It features ample space underneath which can be used to store your other belongings, like shoes. Plus, its clean lines and simple design mean that any decor can be matched seamlessly with its modern style.

Another one to focus on while making your condo's bedroom is its lighting. We recommend using LED lights as they are energy-efficient and won’t cause any eye strain or headaches.

Small Yet Stylish Items That Add Comfort

Modern condos tend to be spacious, but they can often feel cold and lonely. What can you do to make your condo more contemporary and cozy? Try using modern furniture for decorating your condo; it’s chic without being overbearing. For example, a soft rug will help define a space for lounging. You could also consider adding an armchair or two if there’s room; these pieces are great for reading or enjoying a cup of tea while watching TV.

A pouf is another wonderful piece to have around—they look great when paired with a comfy sofa, and double as extra seating when needed. The Tod pouf by Lema is a great example of modern furniture in Singapore. This piece is covered in leather defined by topstitching, which gives it a warm look to fit into any home.

Modern Furniture from Lema at W. Atelier

Designing with modern furniture is a fantastic way to furnish your home. At W. Atelier, we are one of the distributors of Italian furnishing excellence, Lema. The company has been designing and manufacturing high-quality furniture for over 40 years. They embody the perfect combination of technology and tradition that gives their products a timeless elegance. Also having a wide range of solutions, from sofas to coffee tables, and dining chairs to bookstands, you can be sure that there will be something for every corner of your home.

Today’s condos are more than just a collection of white walls — they’re a carefully crafted ensemble of design elements that create an artful, organized environment. To match your vision with reality, arm yourself with knowledge about contemporary furniture in Singapore. Visit W. Atelier’s main showroom on Henderson Road and browse beautifully designed furniture by Lema, Vitra, Cassina, and other designer brands on W. Atelier.