by Hayon

This whole project is about a search for simplicity in form, but sophistication in function, it brings together the 2 sides of my design work where on one hand I can be decorative and extremely visual but on the other I want to create something so streamlined in form that it becomes a classic line that lasts and continues

-Jaime Hayon



Hayon’s work has straddled the design and art worlds in the last decade or so in a dazzling display of virtuoso technique paired with a singular vision. His exuberant, joyful style is always harnessed to a deep respect for craft and an instinctive appreciation for materiality. Highly prolific, Hayon has worked with an incredible array of the world’s finest producers of ceramics, glass, marble, wood, and many more to create decorative items, furniture and lighting. His stunning interiors grace both hotels and museums with spaces that reflect the elegant, expansive cosmos of Hayon‘s world.


A true hybrid of artist and designer, he sees his art career as an opportunity to play and experiment with no commercial restrictions but brings that same artistic vision to his design work. True collaboration is something he feels passionately about, believing that he should not impose himself upon the company but instead create a new visual dialogue that uses the company’s expertise and traditions but interprets them in his unique style.

TOTO with their world standard of excellence had been on Hayon’s radar for a long time, their precisely engineered, state of the art systems represented a new kind of technical challenge for Hayon, one that he responded to with a search for simplicity and purity of form.

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