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Toto 3 – Mode Hand Shower

Toto 3 Mode Hand Shower Banner Image

Shower Power, Be Transported Into A New World Of Sensations

Choose from a rain shower to a waterfall to a stimulating massage for a transformative shower experience

Imagine a shower that can transport you to a new world. With a flick of a switch, you find yourself in a tropical rain forest of fluffy rain drops that caress your skin. Another slight touch and you’re underneath a cascading waterfall that covers your whole body like a gentle blanket. Your last stop is at an exotic spa with a spiraling massage that erases all trace of stress and worry. Once it’s all over, absolute euphoria is all that you’re left with.

Aerial Shower

This is the power of the new Aerial Hand Shower with spray patterns specially engineered to produce an other-worldly effect. The Aerial Shower infuses air into each water droplet, enlarging it to create a voluminous flow of water that covers the entire body. You feel as though you’re standing below a particularly full stream without any increase in the amount of water being used. Aerating the water is a clever way of using it more efficiently. The shower feels better and conserves water- A win-win situation at its best.

  • TOTO 3 Mode Hand Shower - Aerial Shower

Cascade Flow

Two more unique spray patterns provide diverse shower experiences all from one hand shower. For Cascade Flow, the speed and shape of the flowing water is carefully sculpted to produce a broad stream of water reminiscent of a waterfall. It keeps the entire body comfortably warm throughout the shower. Every detail from the curve of the water, to its density and speed is specially sculpted to glide over your face and body like a seamless silk blanket.

  • TOTO 3 Mode Hand Shower - Cascade Flow


Gyrostream is a sophisticated spray pattern in which water bursts through nozzles that rotate in two different directions. It results in a powerful flow of water that spreads evenly over a wide area of the body. This invorgating massage knead the muscles in just the right way.

All three spray patterns are equally exciting and diverse and transform your shower experience into a moment of pure luxury. With the Aerial Hand Shower, a new world of experiences is only an arm’s reach away.

  • TOTO 3 Mode Hand Shower - Gyro Stream