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Three Residential Projects Choose TOTO for Innovative Bathroom Experiences

Three Residential Projects Choose TOTO Banner Image

  • Over 1,300 residential units to be fitted with TOTO at One Holland Village, Woodleigh Residences and Kopar At Newton
  • TOTO WASHLET and toilets to be ubiquitous in the residential spaces – with patented technology such as EWATER+, CeFiONtect and TORNADO FLUSH to ensure the highest level of cleanliness, comfort and water-saving capability in homes

26 June 2020, Singapore – TOTO moves into the residential sphere with three new projects in 2020 as more developers choose to elevate living spaces with sleek and smart technology by TOTO. By 2024, over 1,300 units at One Holland Village, Woodleigh Residences and Kopar at Newton will be fitted with TOTO sanitary wares, fittings and accessories. From toilets, counter lavatories, kitchen faucets to a WASHLET in every home, TOTO brings a touch of elegance with leading design and technology, including EWATER+, CeFiONtect and TORNADO FLUSH for unparalleled bathroom experiences.

Wash, Not Wipe

Leading the way forward for shower toilet technology, the TOTO WASHLET will provide unparalleled hygiene and comfort standards for residents, while conserving water.


The AIR-IN WONDER-WAVE technology uses air rich water droplets to produce a more comfortable washing sensation and deliver more thorough cleansing with less water consumption. In rear cleansing, large air-filled water droplets offer complete cleansing and a comfortable sensation with minimal water use. This reduces the need for toilet paper, where washing is the gentler, more hygienic and greener alternative to wiping.

WASHLET technology is especially beneficial for the elderly who are seeking better hygiene health and safety when their mobility may be compromised. With Singapore’s ageing population, the transformative WASHLET experience at home will be a welcome luxury.

Introducing TOTO’s Clean Synergy to the Home

EWATER+, a WASHLET technology, together with toilet technologies CeFiONtect and TORNADO FLUSH not only ensure optimal cleanliness, they minimise water usage to make TOTO a sustainable choice.

Using no chemicals or cleaning agents, EWATER+ suppresses the accumulation of waste on the wand and toilet bowl. This works hand in hand with CeFiONtect technology, which is an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that coats the toilet bowl. It prevents waste from clinging with its microscopic surface ridges which are far smaller than waste particles, leaving no place for waste to gain a foothold.

TOTO Tornado Flush

Using just 3.8L of water, the powerful TORNADO FLUSH uses a lower volume of water compared to traditional flushing. The flushing system flows dynamically from two openings, merging and swirling in 360 degrees to form a dense and intense water stream to get rid of waste completely. Auto flush automatically determines a small flush or full flush, preventing wastage of water.

Complete with features such as heated seat and auto open and close functions, TOTO brings comfort and ease to daily life for residents of its latest residential projects.

One Holland Village

One Holland Village is a mix-development that is located right in the heart of Holland Village. The washrooms of 296 private residential units, service apartments, office space and retail F&B will be elevated with a TOTO toilet – all with WASHLET and cleansing functions integrated.

One Holland Village features the MH Wall Hung rimless toilet and NEOREST LE I, complete with EWATER+, TORNADO FLUSH, CeFiONtect technology and are easily automated with a remote control.

TOTO MH Wall Hung

TOTO Neorest LE I

From left: MH Wall Hung, NEOREST LE I

Woodleigh Residences

Built on Japanese principles of intelligent space maximisation, Woodleigh Residences is an integrated development that is hailed as the jewel of the Bidadari Estate Master Plan. 667 households in the two- to four-bedroom homes will experience TOTO toilets, with WASHLET installed in every master bathroom.

TOTO Washlet

Kopar At Newton

Centralised yet boasting a tranquil environment, Kopar At Newton is set to become a highly-demanded property due to its strategic location. TOTO kitchen, sanitary accessories, sanitary fittings and sanitary wares will be installed in around 435 units for a consistent TOTO experience within the home.

TOTO Washlet RX

The WASHLET RX with a warm water nozzle, heated seat, deodoriser and premist features will boost cleanliness and comfort for all users. It blends with the ceramic, making them appear as a single, sleek unit. This brand new WASHLET model will be used at Kopar At Newton for the first time as a permanent fixture for all residents.

At Home With TOTO

As users crave for more sophisticated bathroom technology as a way of living, TOTO offers a diverse range of products that are not only exclusive to luxurious hospitality projects, but in the home.

The latest TOTO fittings offer a range of faucets that transforms everyday ease-of-use.

TOTO Faucet

From left: LF series, ZL series, GA series

TOTO aerated water technology, ECOCAP, significantly reduces water consumption for LF and GA series by adding air to water to achieve full water jet. The waterfall-like stream that flows from ZL series is easily controlled with a gentle pinch of the fingers.

With subtle curves and sharp, precise edges, the streamlined series of fittings emanate an elegance that makes these designs timeless. The faucets come in a variety of rich, original colours and finishes that will accentuate any bathroom experience.