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Fritz Hansen – New Marble Table

Fritz Hansen – New Marble Table Banner Image

[ New Marble Table ]

The classic Arne Jacobsen table has been revitalized with a new white marble tabletop. The marble changes the expression of the table completely and gives it a modern, exclusive and warm look.

The marble used by Fritz Hansen for these unique tabletops is sourced from the mountains in southern Italy. What is unique about the marble is that as the excavation goes deeper into the quarry, the stones change. A stone that is quarried today will be completely different from one that was selected last year. Every single marble tabletop is unique. Some tabletops contain many different fossils, which gives them a dramatic look, while others are calmer in appearance. Marble is a natural material that simply looks the way it does and cannot be changed. This is what makes each tabletop unique.

The new marble table will add a touch of elegance to any setting. Moreover it fits many different environments as a great example of a furniture design that can influence a whole room with its mere presence and beauty.

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