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Fritz Hansen – Fri & Sammen

Fritz Hansen – Fri & Sammen Banner Image

What Makes a Home?

A room is well designed when it offers a welcoming and inviting space – when it has that indefinable quality we call hominess. The quality that makes a room pleasant to be in, as architecture and design come together to create a homey and relaxing atmosphere. It is a challenge to create a home that appears vivid, personal and having soul. However the two new chairs designed by Jaime Hayon are the first step towards bringing that exceptional atmosphere into a setting.

In a series of designs, the renowned Spanish designer Jaime Hayón has reinterpreted Danish design for Fritz Hansen, combining his unique talent and a touch of Spanish playfulness with Danish minimalism and craftsmanship. That magical combination is also manifest in his two new designs for Fritz Hansen: the dining chair Sammen™ and the armchair Fri™, which bring a warm, cosy feel to any setting and make you feel right at home.

‘Together with Fritz Hansen, I have created a dining chair and an armchair. Both are a natural part of the Favn, Ro and Analog family, reflecting the same idea that our former furniture designs have been based on: our shared principles of working with the best materials and aiming for simplicity and maximum comfort. Both chairs can be characterized as open, free and public designs that let you become a part of the life that goes on around you. They both create a cosy, warm and informal feel in any setting, whether it is a home, an office or a restaurant,’ says Jaime Hayon.

Fri™ – Designed for Living

Fri™ is the new armchair by Jaime Hayon. It is a natural extension of Ro™. While Ro™ offers a calm and sheltered space for relaxation and reflection, however, Fri™ encourages you to be part of the environment and join in. Fri is all about the life that is going on around you.

Various Fri Chairs

Fri™ is designed to create a cosy feel in any setting. Of course, it takes more than a chair to create that ambience, but Fri™ is a first step towards bringing this exceptional atmosphere into your life, as Fri™ is designed to put you in the mood for connecting with others and to contribute a pleasant and open atmosphere. Fri™ creates a space where you can feel relaxed and comfortable without feeling withdrawn or unapproachable. Where you can spend quality time and take part in the meaningful moments of everyday life at home, at the office or in a restaurant.

Fri Chairs In The Living Room

Fri Chairs In The Study

Sammen™ – Instantly Likeable

Sammen™ is a new soft and comfortable dining chair, which is designed by Jaime Hayon. The design is straightforward, open and friendly and has therefore been named Sammen™, which is Danish for being together and having fun. That is exactly what this design does, as Sammen™ is designed for a pleasant evening in the company of good friends and family. An evening at the dinner table with good food, good conversations and many treasured moments.

Various Sammen Chairs

Sammen™ is instantly likable because it is an honest, modern and simple chair – a comfortable seat that makes you feel relaxed and free to share your thoughts with everyone around the dinner table. This is where we eat, meet, work and discuss life’s events, big and small, spending hours of quality time.

Sammen™ puts you in the right frame of mind – relaxed, at ease and ready to take part in these shared moments. The warm look of the wooden legs and the soft, padded shell that embraces you makes Sammen™ a perfect choice for making your dining room feel like your living room.

Table with Sammen Chairs

Yellow Sammen Chairs