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Follow Lasvit To A Field Of Lighting Novelties

Follow Lasvit To A Field Of Lighting Novelties - W. Atelier

Bohemian hand-blown glass shaped by Space, Fire, Ice, Crystal and Illusions to form the 2020 collection

7 July 2020, Singapore – LASVIT continues to spread the beauty of traditional glass working and Bohemian crystal to inspire the world. Peek into the nature of glass and journey to the origins of glassmaking with five novelties announced for the 2020 collection – Spacey, Volcano, Press Iced, Globe Metro and Crystal Rock Table Lamp. These lightings illuminate the beauty of nature, the environment and traditional techniques to push the boundaries of works of glass.

The Beauty of Lithyalin

  • Lasvit Spacey Image 1 - W.Atelier
  • Lasvit Spacey Image 2 - W.Atelier

Spacey by Lukáš Novák encapsulates the beauty of the universe into a single sphere. Using a special technique called lithyalin, a gemstone-like effect is achieved despite it being made entirely of glass. This technique originated from Northern Bohemia more than 200 years ago and has now been resurrected by Novák in Nový Bor – the very same town where it was invented.

“A sphere is the most perfect shape in the universe. I wanted to create a lighting that will push the limits of the sphere a bit further,” says Novák.

Spacey comes in two variations – Eclipse and Supermoon – named after the most distinctive sphere in the constellation. Eclipse refers to the dark night accent in the dark sphere, while Supermoon accents the light one.

Born of Fire

  • Lasvit Volcano Image 1 - W.Atelier

Volcanoes are the best representative of the fire element on Earth. And what other material would better reflect this element than glass, which is born of fire as well? Designer Maxim Velčovský takes inspiration from the panorama of mountains surrounding LASVIT glassworks in the Czechia borderland for Volcano.

  • Lasvit Volcano Image 2 - W.Atelier

Says Velčovský, who is also Creative Director at LASVIT, “I wanted to create a symbol of the volcano, a pyramid shaped by means of crumpling and deforming metal sheets, so that I might be able to create a specific surface structure which would diffract light. It is thus a little model volcano hailing from our volcanic lands which went extinct long ago.”

The glass is blown into the form of a special texture which resembles the surface of the landscape around volcanoes where lava cools and hardens.

Beauty in Simplicity

LASVIT teams up with Japanese studio Nendo once again to breathe life into a previous collection to present Press Iced, a delicate piece dressed in an “iced glass” frosted surface.

  • Lasvit Press Iced - W.Atelier

Two opposing elements – fire and water – work together to create this eye-catching effect, known as “crackled” glass. A hot, hand-blown piece of glass is rolled in cold, wet sawdust. The contact between hot glass and water crackles the glass piece, which is then heated up one last time. Heat seals the cracks to make the piece whole again. Finally, the glass tubes are pressed as though they have been pinched, and light sources are fitted into the narrow space seemingly without effort.

Press Iced is available in two types: a pendant lamp and a floor lamp.

Prague Metro

  • Lasvit Globe Metro Image 1 - W.Atelier
  • Lasvit Globe Metro Image 2 - W.Atelier

Designer Cyril Dunděra had the image of coloured tiles on the walls of Prague’s metro when he came up with Globe Metro. Created in the 70s, these tiles combine convex and concave shapes to form a visual puzzle.

“The tiles in the metro were always a great example of applied art for me. They look great, can shatter sound and even distinguish each station by their colour,” says Dunděra.

Made entirely of borosilicate glass, the ball shape of the chandelier is masterfully kneaded by hand into a perfect ball as craftsmen are unable to blow it into its form. The concave hemispheres are done by precise flame-work, in reverse mode – sucking the air in by the blower.

Dunděra adds, “I wanted the Globe Metro to fit into any interior, and to define it with its shape and colour.”

The 400mm-diameter ball is metal-coated and comes in two different colours – rainbow blue and iris.

A New Member of the Family

Crystal Rock Table Lamp is the latest addition to the Crystal Rock family helmed by designer Arik Levy. The table lamp enhances one of LASVIT’s most successful collections.

  • Lasvit Crystal Rock Table Lamp Red - W.Atelier
  • Lasvit Crystal Rock Table Lamp Blue - W.Atelier
  • Lasvit Crystal Rock Table Lamp Mist - W.Atelier

Glass on the inside is sanded while remaining shiny on the outside, which adds another dimension to the crystal piece and emits a pleasant ambient light.

Embark on a virtual journey of the nature of glass: