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5 No-Fail Living Room Furniture Arrangements Tips

The living room serves different purposes for different people. Some families consider the living room as the ‘heart’ of the home where family members gather every day to eat and entertain. Others have pampered their living rooms to be more of a showroom used only when there are guests in the house. Whatever you intend to use your living room for, you must be very pragmatic in arranging the furniture to make the most of the space and make the room ideal for the intended purpose.

Any interior decor expert would tell you that there are many considerations you must factor in when deciding on how to arrange the living room furniture. While you may ‘get’ most of them after a few trials-and-errors, there are some basic principles you need to observe from the get-go that will go a long way in helping you save time and effort when turning your living room into a unique and stylish room full of life. Here are 5 of the most important considerations to get you started.

1: Establish a focal point using the living room furniture

A focal point refers to the main attraction in the room. Most homeowners choose to make the TV the focal point of the living room by arranging the chairs and sofa to face the massive screen is on the wall. Some people, especially those whose houses already have an entertainment room, may turn an existing feature such as a fireplace into the focal point of the living room. How you arrange the furniture can either encourage people to converse if the furniture is organized in a manner to encourage face-to-face interaction or make it very difficult to even talk to the next person.

When choosing what the focal point in your living room should be, consider the kind of people you and your family are, and what types of friends and relatives you entertain. Arrange the furniture in such a way as not to prevent traffic flow around the room when someone moves in any direction. The chairs and tables should allow everyone seated in the room to see or have access to the focal point at all times, whether it is a home theatre system or a fireplace. Most importantly, pull the furniture away from the walls and try to keep them as close together as possible to create an intimate living room.

2: When it comes to living room furniture, size matters

A typical living room will not lack sofas and chairs. These are the go-to furniture for decorating and equipping the living room. The biggest mistake most people make is ordering furniture because they fell in love with the design, but fail to account for the size of the chairs compared to the size of their living room. Before you decide what chairs and sofas to get, measure the living room space, allowing a small margin of error, and sketch out a floor plan to ensure that the living room furniture that will you order are not too big or too small for the available space.

-Living Room Furniture Arrangements Tips - Living Room

While planning your living room on a sketch of paper, it is wise to use the living room rug as a guide on how to organize the room and to define legroom in seating areas. All the seating furniture in the room should fit on the rug area you mark on the living room plan. Other items that you must include in the paper draft of your living room are the coffee table, typically placed at the center of the room, and side tables that go on the sides of chairs furthest from the coffee table. Picture the room packed, but everyone should be able to reach a table without straining or stretching.

3: Use mirrors and wallpaper to complement furniture

When there is a clear focal point in your living room, make sure that you boost the light reaching that part of the room to give the living room more life and depth. People with smaller living rooms may leverage the deceptive capability of papering the wall and positioning mirrors across from the window or doors to give an impression of another window or door. When re-arranging furniture in a compact living room, get creative with the layout to make full use of the space by thinking beyond the expected seating conventions.

Interior house decor is essentially taking the furniture, then using visual and light manipulation to draw a person’s eye to different aspects of the room. Note that while a focal point can attract the attention of a visitor, the room in itself should look and feel comfortable and more attractive. Nothing achieves this better than the right combination of furniture designs and room color. It is perfectly acceptable to decorate the room with different attention-getters such as a clock, gallery of family pictures, or a mind-bending painting.

4: Shop for the best accessories in furniture stores in Singapore

The arrangement of the furniture in your living room is just one part of the decor equation; the other is where all the living room accessories will go. Plan for the positioning of the lamps, the television or home theatre, paintings, art, or water dispensers. It is also crucial that you plan for how the window treatments are placed, where everyone can set their devices to charge, and any potted plants you may have.

It is vital that the design and theme of the living room decor properly complement the furniture – both in layout and the theme. There are many furniture stores in Singapore that stock some of the most exclusive living room furniture and accessories. If you are not happy with what you have because it does not match your living room decor, consider replacing them. A wider variety of local and imported living accessories can be found in furniture warehouses.

-Living Room Furniture Arrangements Tips - Stylish Furniture

5. Arrange storage cabinets, floor lamps, and other furniture

A typical modern living room has more than just chairs and tables furniture; other furniture pieces and decorations such as floor lamps, the side tables, and storage cabinets must not be an after-thought when arranging the entire room. After all, they play a significant role in giving the room the essence it deserves. While arranging these small items, be aware of the movement spaces set aside earlier during the planning stages. Try to fit these remaining items in their most appropriate places in the room. However, if your living room is limited and an object such as a cabinet can find a place in a different room in the house, consider removing it.

Are you unsure of what arrangement, accessories, or furniture will best suit your living room? Try harder, visualizing it with different furniture, decors, and accessories. Whip out your phone and use an app to try out different looks till you find one that best works for you. Let us help you find the right modern living room furniture to turn up the style dial of your home today!