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40th Anniversary Campaign

40th Anniversary Campaign Banner Image

W. Atelier Launches 40th Anniversary Campaign with Donation to AWWA, in Partnership with Community Chest

  • Fundraising initiative kickstarts with a donation of 61 Ecowashers valued at $24,000 to Senior Community Home
  • Campaign fans out into other fundraising activities that tie in with a call to encourage partners and designers to pay it forward

4 October 2019, Singapore – W. Atelier will be celebrating its 40th anniversary with a donation to AWWA, beginning with the installation of 61 Ecowashers by TOTO at the AWWA Senior Community Home. A series of philanthropy and volunteer efforts will follow for the next few months leading into 2020. This includes a company-wide volunteering event with the seniors of AWWA Senior Community Home and the gifting of Vitra’s Eames Elephant to 40 selected designers who will be invited to pay it forward.

Since it was established in 1979 as the exclusive distributor of TOTO, W. Atelier has rapidly expanded to carry 20 global brands and currently has three showrooms in Singapore. To commemorate its 40 years, W. Atelier partners Community Chest to support selected charitable programmes under AWWA that are serving vulnerable communities in need. All proceeds from the fundraising efforts will go to AWWA in a cheque handover ceremony in 2020.

Mr Gani Atmadiredja, Managing Director of W. Atelier, shares: “W. Atelier’s approach to corporate responsibility is in line with its belief in continuous improvement and raising the quality of life. For our 40th anniversary, we have chosen to donate to AWWA to support various life-changing programmes that will empower persons with disabilities, families and vulnerable seniors. Besides involving all staff in our volunteering efforts, we hope to spread the awareness of AWWA’s causes to our network of influence that encircles partners, designers and clients to maximise our positive impact on society.”

Ms Charmaine Leung, Managing Director of Community Chest, says: “We are heartened to partner W. Atelier for the first time in dedicating funds raised from their 40th anniversary to AWWA. They have made a difference in the lives of the social service users whom we serve by empowering them with opportunities to improve their quality of life. I hope this initiative will inspire more partners to support Community Chest through its resources to provide help to those in need as we build a caring and inclusive society together.”

Connecting with Seniors from AWWA Senior Community Home

The Ecowasher by TOTO was designed to improve the quality of life and it has found its way into the AWWA Senior Community Home for the benefit, comfort and ease of 150 seniors. Spreading across senior rooms, nursing stations, laundry room, counselling room, the senior recreation room and senior TV rooms, 61 sets of TCW07S Ecowashers are now installed which will be especially beneficial for seniors with mobility issues due to its bidet functions and easy operation. It ensures a high level of hygiene during and after use, all while saving energy and water as its Clean Technology does not require electricity.

“AWWA believes in empowering our seniors to live dignified and independent lives to the best of their abilities. We are grateful to W. Atelier for supporting us in this mission through the donation of the TOTO Ecowasher devices, which will go a long way towards supporting the independence of over 150 seniors and contributing to their overall wellbeing, while making our senior community home more comfortable,” shares Mr Ng Herk Low, Director, Health And Senior Care, AWWA.

W. Atelier will be devoting one full day on Tuesday, 22 October 2019, to spend time at a volunteering event at Hai Bin Prawning (Punggol). Over 80 staff from W. Atelier’s three showrooms and warehouse will be joined by 60 seniors from the Senior Community Home for a day of prawning and interactive activities as part of W.Atelier’s efforts to foster a closer relationship with the seniors besides the donation of Ecowashers.

Gifting of 40 Eames Elephant by Vitra

As a nod to its 40 years, W. Atelier will be personally presenting 40 selected designers with a Vitra Eames Elephant designed by Charles and Ray Eames. This is to recognise the local designers and homegrown talent who have contributed to the field of design in Singapore. W. Atelier hopes that this act of goodwill amplifies into bigger support for AWWA as these designers will be informed and encouraged to contribute to W. Atelier’s fundraising efforts at the same time.

Pay-It-Forward with W. Atelier

Across all of W. Atelier’s 40th Anniversary initiatives, communications containing a QR code will be provided to make a donation to W. Atelier as part of its efforts to benefit AWWA and its list of supported charitable programmes which serves over 16,000 persons across life-stages. From education and disability support for children and adults with special needs to low-income families and vulnerable seniors, any donation in kind will go directly to AWWA to empower these communities.

For the list of supported charitable programmes under AWWA, please refer to:

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