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4 Stylish Modern Living Room Furniture

4 Stylish Modern Living Room Furniture - W. Atelier

Wondering how you can pair your living room furniture so that it gives off a stylish and modern vibe? A modern interior design is not about inadequate lighting and colourful decor. Rather, it is about sticking to the basics and prioritising functionality over anything else. With a neutral colour palette, you should also maximise the amount of natural light entering your home. The modern aesthetics will ultimately give your home a simple yet stylish look. Being an all-weather concept, this is why this design style is getting more popular among homeowners. For inspiration, take a look at some of our stylish, modern living room furniture in Singapore that you can consider for your home:

Modern Living Room Furniture - Armchair - W. Atelier

An armchair designed to please. Its seams and shape are directly inspired by the world of saddles, the trade, the men and the equestrian world's underlying dream of great and even solitary evasion.

Earthy Elements

A starter to modern interior design is to fill the room with creams and browns. Cozy yet sophisticated, our sturdy Derby by Zanotta brings warmth into the space. Made of luxe full-grain leather, this will be a chic addition to your living space. Additionally, its unique shape adds a touch of personality into your decor. This armchair truly makes it an ideal seating for sleeping, relaxing and even catching up on some work, all in your little personal cocoon. Paired with warm lighting, your living room space will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Modern Living Room Furniture - Lights - W. Atelier

The modern fitting elegantly conceals the low energy light source and ensures a soft, pleasant light without any glare.

Black and White

Nothing screams stylish than sleek monochrome furniture. Featured here is the Orient™ pendant by Lightyears, the lighting division in Fritz Hansen A/S. Modern home designs tend to bring the outdoors in, which is why this eye-catching light fixture will blend right well in with the hint of wood on the lampshade. It is a great choice that can complement different design trends over the years to come.

Modern Living Room Furniture - 3 Seater - W. Atelier

The expansive 3-seater provides plenty of space and invites users to stretch out lengthwise, using the adjustable armrests as a back or neck rest to relax and read or take a nap.

Embrace the Open Floor Layout

As homes get smaller and smaller in Singapore, open floor plans are increasingly incorporated to achieve a modern, spacious design. It is always a good idea to stick to a cohesive colour scheme when you decide to go for this layout. Here, grey is consistently used on the cupboard, dining chairs and of course, the Mariposa Three-Seater Sofa by Vitra. If you have always liked the recliner feature, this 3-seater offers adjustable armrests so you can stretch out and settle in comfortably with a book. Even if you decide to transform your decor in the near future, our Mariposa Three-Seater Sofa is versatile and will match perfectly with your other living room accessories.

Modern Living Room Furniture - Flower Vase - W. Atelier

‘Ikebana’ is Japanese for making flowers live and is used to describe the art of arranging flowers. The beautiful vase by Jamie Hayon is true to the spirit of Ikebana. The vase is designed to honour and enjoy the whole flower and not just the crown.

For Nature Lovers

If there is no panoramic scenic view to enjoy when you are gazing out of your window, why not introduce plants within your abode? Besides livening up the look of your home, the use of plants is also a simple way to create a relaxing environment. This Ikebana vase by Fritz Hansen emphasises the details of the entire flower and also provides sufficient space for the individual plants to grow. The golden accents of this vase make it the perfect statement piece for your living room. A plus point is, you can easily change up the feel of your home just by experimenting with different flower looks.

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