Protecting the Environment


As early as 1976, TOTO released a new toilet that uses 13 liters with each large flush, achieving water savings of 35% compared to earlier toilets. Since then, we have continued to increase water e ciency. In 1999, TOTO launched its first dual flush technology, minimizing water usage to 6 ltr/3 ltr.

Now, our toilets use the 4.5 ltr/3 ltr dual flush system for solid and liquid waste respectively.

Despite these breakthroughs, we’re careful not to compromise comfort and functionality.


Our EcoCap technology uses an ingenious water outlet cap that mixes air with water to reduce water consumption without any loss in stream volume. EcoCap enables full flow rates with just 3.6 liters of water, only 1/3 of the water from other normal faucets.

Despite the low water consumption, EcoCap faucets have a full, pleasurable water jet.


The aerial shower technology aerates the water to create bigger water droplets for a more luxurious feel. Air is drawn in through the showerhead and added to the water, causing them to increase in volume.

You will feel as though you’re being rinsed with a generous stream of water, making your shower experience all the more enjoyable.


Aqua Auto faucets incorporate two technologies for public facilities. They work together to optimize power and water-saving performance.

Aqua Auto harnesses power through hydroelectric power generation so no power supply is required. The hydroelectric power uses water flow to maintain its rechargeable battery. So, the more you use the sensor faucet, the longer it lasts.The automatic micro sensor—positioned at the tip of the spout—is operated using the generated power, preventing water from being left running, thus helping to conserve water. Accurate hand detection also means only the minimum necessary amount of water is used.

Urinal Sensor Urinal Sensor
When the urinal is seldom used, the flush volume is larger. When the urinal is seldom used, the flush volume is larger.
When the urinal is used frequently, the flush volume is smaller. When the urinal is used frequently, the flush volume is smaller.

The urinal sensor technology is ideal for public facilities where strict hygiene standards need to be met and maintained. Its Fuzzy Logic Controlled software regulates the amount of water used based on the duration between each flushing to minimize water wastage while the non-contact auto flush system keeps the environment clean and safe to use.

Perfecting the Basics

SMA Thermostat SMA Thermostat

The Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Thermostat maintains a constant water temperature despite fluctuating water temperatures and pressure levels resulting from water being used elsewhere in the home. The result is water temperature you can rely on, whether you’re in the shower or washing your hands, without having to adjust it manually.

The special alloy of the control unit reacts faster than a conventional wax control unit. If the cold or hot water supply is interrupted, the SMA Thermostat will expand or contract to immediately readjust the temperature.


The Heat Shield technology is a thoughtful feature that prevents scalding by shielding the hot water channels with cold water, hence making the surface cool to the touch.


In addition to being convenient and easy to use, sensor-based technologies offer a very decisive advantage: they allow for touch-free operation, an essential factor in ensuring hygiene, which is particularly suitable for public facilities.

Many people are reluctant to use toilets outside the home. They find them unhygienic, or are afraid of coming into contact with bacteria and germs, and falling ill as a result. This is why hygienic sanitary solutions feature sensor-based technologies, which allow people to use toilets, faucets and hand dryers without touching them and keep contact with the skin to a minimum.

Aqua Auto faucets are perfect for this purpose because the sensor shuts off immediately when not used, thus eliminating the risk of water wastage when a user fails to turn the tap off.

Pushing Boundaries


Not only can you adjust the temperature of the heated seat to suit your individual preference but it warms itself up even before you sit down. As soon as you get up, it automatically switches to an energy-saving mode, reducing the heat setting to minimum. There’s even a smart energy-saving function, which automatically adapts itself to daily usage patterns.

Multi-function Nozzle Multi-function Nozzle

The WASHLET technology incorporates a unique wand that allows water to be used for personal cleaning in a way that leads to a completely new level of hygiene and comfort. Warm water is, after all, much more effective at cleaning than toilet paper. Its temperature and flow are easily adjustable by remote control and the wand self cleans before and after every use. The energy-saving mode can also be activated to increase e ciency.

Deodorizer Deodorizer

The air purifier ensures that the air around the toilet is kept fresh during and after use. The air is sucked in and passed through a powerful filter inside the WASHLET, which effectively eliminates odors.


The dryer feature completes the hands-free experience by minimizing the use of toilet paper. Its temperature and strength can be adjusted to suit your individual preference, thereby ensuring the utmost comfort.