Toto Wardrobe is specially made to satisfy consumer’s need of good design and functional product. Equipped with various accessories to make the wardrobe clean and tidy. The wardrobe collections consist of 5 modules and 13 differentiated by handle and door opening style.

Material Quality

People desire a nice and functional wardrobe, but most importantly they want it to be durable. By combining aesthetic aspect with its careful choices of the wood materials, Toto Wardrobe even goes beyond that expectation. The production process is handled by experienced and skilled craftsmen, while aiming only at perfection. The end result: a masterpiece for the discerning.

Finishing options for the wardrobe are widely varied depending on your personal taste. Nonetheless, they are of the same premium quality material: the Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC), the Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).

The difference is only on the characteristic of the material, resulting in the different final look on the panel surface.
All TOTO Wardrobe comes with a 5-year warranty (conditions apply).