How do I want my kitchen to look?

What materials do i want to use for:
  • cabinet fronts
  • worktops
  • backsplashes
  • counter tops
  • surrounding walls
  • floor
What colors do I like for:
  • cabinet fronts
  • worktops
  • backsplashes
  • countertops
  • surrounding walls
  • floor
What do I want to store and how much of it?
  • What are the mechanisms/storage solutions I require?
What are the required functionalities in terms of:
  • cooking (what do I/my helper cook)
    • What cooker hob do I need? (size/heating method/layout)
    • What sort of oven do I need? (do i want to bake/steam/roast…)
  • How much cooling capacity do i need?
  • How much freezing capacity do I need?
  • Do I need a storage for my wine/vitamins/supplements?
  • How big a sink do I require?
    • one basin/two basin?
    • soap dispenser integrated?
Do I want a dishwasher for hygiene or sterilization reasons:
  • semi integrated
  • fully integrated
Ventilation/cooker hood
  • air extraction?
  • recirculation?
What kind of tap mixer/kitchen faucet do I want (size/functionality/material)?


What brand of built in appliances do I want?


What small appliances do I use and how do I want to store them?


How do I want to use (live in) my kitchen:
  • a functional space to prepare my meals and store foods and drinks?
  • a social family area with a possibility to take informal meals?
  • a design object that is the highlight of my living room and has possibilities to entertain friends and business partners?
What is my timeframe:
  • When do I need my kitchen?
  • When do I need a definite plan for my builder/architect to prepair the rooms accordingly?
  • Is my architect/ID involved in the kitchen design? should I bring my architect ID along to the meeting?
What layout do I prefer?
  • Island
  • L shape
  • U shape
  • Open/closed kitchen
What is my budget?
  • for the kitchen?
  • for the appliances?