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SINGAPORE, 02 March 2015 TOTO Asia Oceania is presenting their latest NEOREST models, LE II and XH II. The NEOREST series was first launched in 1993 and is a WASHLET integrated with a toilet. The WASHLET is TOTO’s signature product that is an electronic toilet seat with an integrated wand and control panel. The NEOREST Suite Collection seamlessly combines technology, comfort, and design to make everyday life more pleasant and convenient. Both models are equipped with TOTO’s comprehensive range of innovations, incuding the latest clean technology, Actilight.

The NEOREST with Actilight represents the zenith of clean technology made to improve life. Its powerful cleaning system brings new levels of health and hygiene to your washroom. Indulge yourself in the comfort and cleanliness of NEOREST with Actilight.


Actilight is a powerful cleaning system that brings about unparalleled levels of health and hygiene. It is the only technology that keeps the toilet clean on its own, ridding itself of both visible and invisible waste particles. Actilight has two key features: a scientifi- cally formulated glaze that’s fired onto the bowl and an ultraviolet light inside the lid. The glaze is fired with titanium dioxide and zirconium oxide. The titanium dioxide acts as the photocatalyst and reacts with the ultraviolet light to keep the bowl clean. The zirconium oxide provides superior durability while giving the bowl a shimmering quality. The UV light installed on the inside of the lid is activated for an hour once the lid is closed. These two technologies work together with oxygen and water in the air to generate the photocatalytic process that decomposes organic matter. Actilight, combined with all other TOTO cleaning technologies including eWater+, makes it practically impossible for bacteria, dirt, and mold to accumulate in the toilet bowl.


Every element within the NEOREST Series raises the bar and makes a new kind of bathoom culture possible. TOTO pushes at the boundaries of what is possible by offering cutting-edge technologies. In addition to Actilight technology, the LE II has a sensor-activated lid which opens ad closes by itself, an automatic water-saving Tornado Flush and an adjustable dryer. It has a heated seat, deodoriser, and an adjustable wand for personal cleansing. All the functions, including the water jet temperature, pressure and position can be customised using the remote control.


The XH II shares all technologies and features with the LE II. First, the toilet sprays a thin mist of water on the bowl before each use. The titanium dioxide interacts with this mist, coating the bowl with a thin layer of water so waste doesn’t stick and easily flushes away. After use, the antibacterial liquid, eWater+ is sprayed into the bowl. The lid then closes and the UV light blankets the bowl. This activates oxygen molecules in the air and water to break down organic matter that bacteria feed on. The whole process is Earth-friendly, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals that negatively affect the environment.