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3 December 2013

en&is was born from the synergy between Enrico Bosa, a product and interior designer, and Isabella Lovero, a product and jewellery designer.

They both graduated in Industrial Design at Politecnico in Milan. In 2004 they began to work at some prestigious Italian firms where they were in charge of the design of large scale objects from interior design to house items and accessories.

Since 2007, the activity of the studio has been from the market analysis to the concept definition and to product development in close relationship with different company. This experience has made them master the planning process that has become the main instrument they used to design various types of objects in different fields. en&is faces the planning subjects and creates with the purchaser a relationship that fosters a union between the creative proposal and the company know-how. Compatibly with what is ecologically sustainable, en&is also finds a balance between its production capacity and the expenses. Its planning approach is aimed at creating poetic objects that tell something to the observer and at giving a hint of magic with the designed objects that create a beautiful place in every room. Each object able to arouse a smile holds a touch of magic and has its reason for existence in a market that is overflowing of objects.



Megaphone is a passive amplifier for iPhone.

The idea arose from a reflexion on the use of technology use, which is an indispensable element on every object surrounding us today. With Megaphone they meant to create a completely low tech product, which aims at making people reflect upon the importance of things and the potential value of everything that surrounds us.

On the other side, in clear contrast, the technological device par excellence: the mobile phone, which is widely used and which has even become a status symbol, as in the case of iPhone.

They worked on the sound performance of iPhone speakers, which is fairly good but not enough to fill a room, and started to study how to passively amplify the sound, without introducing “technology” and without using additional power for it.

To underline both this “return to the roots” and the low tech side of Megaphone, they chosen traditional materials used in ancient manufacture: wood and ceramic.

Ceramic is a glassy material which helps conveying sound vibrations, while the tripod, which is made of Italian solid walnut, is designed to minimize the contact area between the body and the base. The idea was conceived, developed and produced entirely in Italy.

The ceramic used for the Megaphone body is produced in Nove, an Italianvillage renowned for its traditional ceramics. Since the 18th Century, Nove has been a leading centre for the production of ceramics in Europe. They say it is “magic” because as soon as iPhone is placed on the Megaphone, the produced effect is simply amazing.

Megaphone is available in WHITE, BLACK, GOLD, COPPER, PLATINUM

Megaphone is compatible with all iPhone, including latest 5s and 5c, and iPod Touch 2nd to 5th generation.

Measures: W. 320mm – D. 450 mm – H. 340 mm

Prices:785 SGD (White / Black) – 1,135 SGD (Gold / Copper /




After the success of Megaphone, en&is design focuses on Megaphonemini.

The intention is to create a small and compact object that amplifies the sound with the same Megaphone acoustics, which can be placed in any house corner and can be easily moved.

Megaphonemini can be safely carried in your bag or backpack, ideal for listening to music at park during a picnic or at the beach while tanning, without any electrical supply.

The project starts from a reflection on the use of technology, requirement almost essential today in many objects surrounding us.

With Megaphonemini en&is wanted to create an absolutely low-tech product which let people reflects on the importance of things, and on the potential value carried by everything which that surrounds us.

en&is also designed a soft cover with Pijama, the brand leader in soft cover padded design products. This product is entirely developed and produced in Italy, as Megaphone and Megaphonemini. Since Megaphonemini is easy to be moved, they developed this soft cover in order to carry it with us in a safe way, whenever we want, even with a retractable handle. The soft cover is available in 3 different exclusive fabrics.

Megaphonemini is available in GLOSSY WHITE and MATT BLACK

Measures: W. 180mm – D. 230 mm – H. 120 mm

Prices: 400 SGD (Glossy White / Matt Black)


Distributor for Singapore: W. Atelier Pte Ltd, Level One, 75 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 229833. Tel: 6270 8828

Available in Singapore at: Robinsons Orchard