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W. Atelier is thrilled to offer Delightfull, a designer lighting brand from Portugal by September 2013, right here in Singapore. A visual feast for the eyes (and some even say, “music” to the ears), Delightfull by Novamobili is set to create new waves, and also posed to elevate lighting to a whole new level. Offering unique shapes and designs, Delightfull serves not simply a functional element in the home, but also a sculptural one as well. Made with iconic styles in mind, Delightfull pays tribute to soul and jazz artistes, and to various music movements of the illustrious mid-20th century.

Each lighting piece is entirely hand-made. Hence, passion and devotion are seen and felt in everything Delightfull. That’s how masterpieces are born – lighting pieces that reflect a personality and a certain frame of mind. Strong emotions are present in every detail. They share a soul and a heritage with the world… that’s the Delightfull world.

The world needs to know…

Delightfull’s world is ambience, history, moments that stay forever through lighting pieces created with wisdom, and highest craftsmanship born out of the passion of the artisans. It’s a know-how culture combining a past heritage of handwork and an attention to emerging needs.

Heritage Collection

Lighting Collection Heritage reflects the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s Soul and Jazz legacies. Each piece mirrors an important human quality – wisdom. For that reason, the Heritage Collection is designed with passion and holds a history, a moment, a soul. A versatile collection of 25 lighting pieces with extraordinary aesthetic character are available in four forms: Table, Floor, Wall, Suspension, thus giving every opportunity to possess soul and heritage, anywhere at any moment.


Each Delightfull lighting piece reflects the core values of skillfulness, elegance, softness and sophistication:

Skillfulness – Each Delightfull piece is lovingly and skillfully handmade, which is often an oversight in mass production.

Elegance– Each piece has a special place and identity, making it elegant and unique.

Softness – Each piece depicts a certain softness and thoughtfulness that is relaxing to the senses.

Sophistication – Designed with personality and presented in a sophisticated and soulful manner.

To find out more about Delightfull, visit the W. Atelier showroom at Level One, 75 Bukit Timah Road or at